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Whether you visit me for a one-off treatment or a longer course of action, I make sure my patients play an active role in their recovery so they can remain pain-free once treatment ends.


All care is one on one, personalized to help you meet your health goals. We identify and correct structural problems of the spine and muscles that may be causing you pain or keeping you from functioning at your best or worse, causing pathology. We work together using nutrition, exercise and chiropractic to help your body heal as quickly and completely as possible

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Certified FAKTR practitioner, providing IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation) and soft tissue taping for all athletes, professional and weekend warriors. Come take advantage of the same therapies that professional athletes have depended upon to treat pain and improve performance.



Assessment and diagnosis forms an integral part of my approach to treating the whole body, not just a complaint in isolation. This service is fundamental to ensuring my patients’ long-term health and wellness.



Percussion offers steady, comfortable pulsations that penetrate through all the muscle layers even the thickest muscles releasing tension, tight muscles and knots while improving circulation. The energy of the therapy  is sent efficiently and directly into the muscle you wish to treat.

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Dr. Howard-Cooper's first priority is to provide the best one on one care for your neck and back pain. We identify and correct structural problems of the spine and muscles that may be causing you pain, keeping you from functioning at your best or, worse, causing pathology. Dr. Stephan Howard-Cooper specializes in the non-surgical care of low back, neck and joint pain, headaches and soft-tissue injuries. He also provides special treatment for pregnant women, patients with disc injuries, and injuries specific to martial artists, performing artists, and yoga instructors. The one-on-one care you receive with Dr. Stephan Howard-Cooper is personalized to help you meet your health goals, utilizing  flexion distraction, soft tissue manipulation, Western nutrition, exercise, chiropractic, cranio-sacral balancing and applied kinesiology.

Call us at (212) 674-4699 today to schedule your next appointment!

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What They’re Saying

Dr. Stephan Howard-Cooper’s clinical skills as well as hands on approach to resolving my condition was spot on and had me feeling much better in less than 2 weeks. Not only am I a back patient, I’m a chiropractor as well, which means that I’m going to be quite picky about who I choose. His office is close to Union Square station which makes for easy access from most parts of NYC. I would definitely recommend this doctor for headaches, neck and back pain, sciatica, etc….. Dr.Jeff Rosenberg

“I’ve been going to a chiropractor since I was 13 years old and have gone through numerous chiro’s. Stephan is hands-down THE BEST one I have ever had. No only does he adjust with absolute perfection, he has a great sense of humor and is highly personable to boot. I always walk into his office confident that any pain or stiffness that was present will be gone upon the conclusion of my appointment.”


“When I sprained my back, I wasn’t content to sit at home, take muscle relaxers and Tylenol, and hope that it would all get better. Dr. Howard-Cooper not only helped me to relieve the pain, regain strength and full range of motion in my back, he also taught me how to maintain a healthy back and take good care of myself for years to come.”

E.B.; Publisher

“I was taking as many as six (6) ibuprofen daily for back and neck pain before I began seeing Dr. Howard Cooper four years ago. I’ve taken less than 20 TOTAL since that time. I highly recommend his technique.”

M. S.; Vice President Sports Marketing, Danskin, Inc. Director - Danskin Women's Triathlon Series


“Doctor Cooper's approach to good health is identical to my approach to my work in the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus- immersive, all-body, All-mind dedication to a lifestyle where all elements are in balance. A Cirkus artist is nowhere without good balance! Thank you Doctor Cooper!"

S.M.; Bindlestiff circus

“I demand a lot from my body; Dr. Howard-Cooper’s “maintenance” has allowed me to continue with my athletic pursuits.”

C.G.; Gymnast; Trapeze artist

“I had severe back pain and couldn’t move, much less run. I am back to 5 miles a day.”


“I would never have believed how good Dr. Howard-Cooper could make me feel. My martial arts have markedly improved. I now consider the best thing I do for myself is Chiropractic from Dr. Howard-Cooper.”
M.K.: Martial arts instructor

"I had been under Dr. Howard-Cooper's care throughout my pregnancy and didn't have much of the back pain and fatigue that my friends complained about during their pregnancies. I also delivered in about six hours. Now I bring the baby with me for care when I go for my chiropractic adjustments."

A Wizard – For over 15 years, Dr. Howard-Cooper has been a core part of my process of health and well-being. At least once or twice a year, my back goes out in a painful way. Usually, with one session, sometimes two and rarely three, I’m fully recovered. Sometimes something is off with my knee, my ankle or there is a pain in my thigh, and within moments of looking at me, and watching me walk for a moment or two, Dr. Howard-Cooper sees what’s off balance and he always knows exactly how to find the source of the physical stress, and how to release it. I go through life with a confidence that this wizard has an open door, ready to help and set me, and countless others, back in ease, grace and comfort. His ability to see the connections to diet, sleep, other stresses or bodily challenges (carrying children) have been uncanny. I have recommend Dr. Howard Cooper to friends and family; my reference is unconditional. RP, NYC


Highly Recommended Chiropractic Care – Dr. Cooper was recommended to me by a fellow musician. He brings professionalism and his humor together in a great way, making a chiropractic visit feel like visiting a buddy and not so much someone who is just moving your bones around. He loves what he does, and that is refreshing. He is in tune with his patients and takes the time to know about you and what you need now and in the future. Cracking jokes as well as your back, it is always a fun and therapeutic experience. Highly recommended. Mike Moreno. Musician

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While we do not accept Insurance assignment, most patients do receive third party reimbursement from their insurance carriers for out-of-network care. The office can provide a superbill direct to the patient for such claims, which can also be used for tax-exempt health expenditure accounts.

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